Pioneer Square

Last weekend Michelle & I went down to Pioneer Square to check out the new Seattle Square market that just opened up there. We both loved it and I plan on posting a few photos from it over the next couple days.

These are just a few from around the area though. I hadn’t spent much time in Pioneer Square and I’m not sure why – I guess I had always just associated it with tourists. We both had a lot of fun walking around though. The historic statues, potholes exposing old brick, faded vintage signs, and even the tourists were surprisingly charming. We ended up having dinner at Contour nearby (which apparently is actually a nightclub) because it had outdoor seating. You’d never find me there at night but the happy hour was great…not that you can tell by my face in that last photo ; ) We kept commenting throughout the meal that it felt as if we’d stepped into another city and were carefree vacationers. I regret not having spent more time in the area before.

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2 (photo of me by Michelle)


14 responses to “Pioneer Square

  1. Pioneer Square is one of my favourite areas of Seattle! [maybe that’s just because I’m a tourist.. heh]

    I think I remember one of my friends being totally tripped out by that parking lot in the fourth photo when our grad class was in Seattle last year haha

  2. my, that place is full of charm. there’s just something special about brick buildings… those fries look crazy good. :D

  3. So that sharp triangular building in the fourth photo is a multi-storey parking lot? Way cool! I really like that big white stamp that reads Washington State Ferries, it’s so rugged… that whole facade is my kind of a wall haha!

  4. i remember seeing the crazy triangular parking place in the 2nd to last photo when i was in seattle, i was just totally confused by the structure!!

  5. i love how you captured the smith tower! i always try to get a picture of it, but it never comes out right. bravo!

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