1) Quesadillas & Tamales at the Farmer’s Market 2) We wanted to see if we could find non-plastic bottled and non-high-fructose corn syrup filled beverages at Safeway (just a test) and Mineragua, Sidral Mundet and a few other Mexican sodas were the only options. No complaints here. 3) That’s our CSA box from a couple weeks ago – each week we get even more produce and I’m having a little trouble using it all! 4) I learned when I ordered these “Purple carrots” that all carrots were originally purple – people just bred them to be orange.

That’s all! I’m heading down to Portland tonight to hang my photos at the Press.  See you tomorrow hopefully : )

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2


8 responses to “Local

  1. these are really beautiful, allison!
    by the way, do you sell prints of your pictures? if yes, can you tell me about prices and so, please? thanks!

    • Hi Paula! I do sell prints! I’m working on getting a paypal account set up so I’ll let you know as soon as I do : )

  2. mmmmmm. everything here looks absolutely delicious!
    One thing I dislike about Japan is expensive vegetables… :(

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