Not sure if this was an issue inside the camera or with the processor's cutting skills.

I almost forgot to post these pictures I took along the Columbia River last month. We were on the Washington side – Oregon is just across the river in the background.

That statue in the first photo is Ilchee, who’s also known as the Moon Woman. I did some reading about her after I saw this and learned that she was a Chinook princess. I found a couple of different narratives about her online: one is by Chinook chief Cliff Snider (in a 2002 interview), and another is by Washington Irving (published in 1936). It’s pretty interesting to see the differences in how they told her story.

I grew up in this region and yet the local history I learned was shallow and focused almost entirely on European and mainstream American figures like Astor, Lewis & Clark (I’d venture to say this is probably the case with most US history classes and textbooks). When I finally got around to taking a class about the Pacific NW at the end of college (“Indians in Western Washington”) I was surprised by almost everything I learned.


9 responses to “Ilchee

  1. Ooo, i like the lighting in these. i think my favorite time to take pictures is around the late afternoon when the sun is low, but not too low. the light is more yellow/orange and it compliments people’s skin. now that i think about it though, it’s my favorite time of day even if i’m not taking pictures.

    but ya, i like how the foliage and sky frame the water in the second picture and how in the third picture i wouldn’t have thunk to take a picture of that lone green growth, it looks cool. i don’t like the first one.

    jk i like that one too just because.

  2. Great photos, I passed through that area several years ago. Never had very much free-time to really poke around, now the kids are keeping me so busy.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Raven,

      You know I was thinking about your blog the other day – those really majestic nature photos you put up months ago still pop up in my head from time to time. I hope eventually you make them public again!

  3. Hi there Allison, thank you for visiting my blog….I’m so glad you did because I’m really enjoying looking through your photos. You have such a natural and unaffected style of photography. Love it!

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