A few pictures from mom’s birthday : )

Question: What are your favorite things about this blog? A particular type of photo? The writing? I want to keep your interests in mind.

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28 responses to “Sprinkles

  1. Beautiful cake!
    It’s nice that you have so many (awesome) photos of people. I guess since I don’t take photos of people, it’s nice to see that there are people in someone else’s life! But yeah, I come for the pictures, I won’t lie!

    • Thanks Young : ) You know, that portrait of your friend with his hands in focus is still my very favorite of your photos. I guess I have a thing for portraits!

  2. Pretty cake! I like the mix of things, photos, writing, daily life, and so on. But I’m sure whatever you want to show would be interesting :)

  3. I like everything you put up here from photos to your writings and those occasions video links too :) And I really love your people photography coz’ I seldom take any pictures of people :o

  4. I agree with Young about your portraits. I don’t really take a lot of pictures of people, mostly because I don’t know how to ask for them -you know, many people seem to find annoying to have you pointing a big camera to their faces.
    That said, what really make your blog one of my favorites were your photographs while you were in Japan. The pictures were personal and fresh, not the typical ones you see in books and travel agencies.
    So, yes, I think we can say I like the way you see the world through your camera lens (super cliché, I know) : )

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful response, Paula. I don’t mind the cliche at all, the whole reason I have this blog is because I hope people will find the world through my eyes interesting.

  5. Mmm that cake looks delicious!

    I first discovered your blog when you were in Japan and I really loved your street photography. But I also really appreciate your portraits.. they’re always really candid and never seem forced.

  6. I totally love your portraits of people as well! Your pictures really have a lot of life to them and feel so personal.

  7. i love that i can stalk you and your daily life! just kidding. i love that your photographs are in film (bc mine aren’t), and i’m jumping on the bandwagon to say that the people pictures are fun to see. i also like the street photography and i particularly like the pictures of street art and buildings that you post. most of all, i like your personal touch to it so keep it up!

  8. I come for the pictures! You are also great at keeping a frequent posting schedule so there is also something new to see when I stop by.

  9. hey alison, hope your show is going well!! and your blog … i like stopping by because you make it seem so real, which is a strange thing to say because obviously you life is real … but what im trying to say is that everything you caputure on film is so natural and doesn’t seem so contrived. i hope that makes sense! keep it up anyway ;-) xx

  10. I love your photos, that’s no. 1. The occasional funny story. It looks like it’s always sunny over there. I just always get good energy when I come here. I swear it’s all the awesome sunlight. There’s even awesome sunlight on your background image!

  11. Your photos, especially of people, are one of my favorite things about your blog. They each tell their own story and I love that quality about your photography.

    I’d like to see you tell more of your personal story on this blog, although I understand the apprehension to do so. I’ve had my blog for over five years and it took me awhile to start inserting more stories from my personal life in more than just a few words…not that I’m some celebrity who doesn’t want people to know what she’s doing…it’s more of just putting myself out there that is hard. I think to myself, “who cares, who’s interested anyway?” but then realize that the blogs I read most often are sprinkled with personal anecdotes, bringing me (the reader) into that writer/blogger’s world a bit more. I know you have many fans (aka readers!) who’d love to get to know you better (and I don’t mean in some weird, creepy way!).

    On the other hand, just keep doing what you feel- you’ve gained loyal readers (myself included!) because you did just that and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Hope you’re having a great summer!

    • Thanks Anne, your comment really means a lot to me since I know you’ve been following for a really long time. I think you’re right that I’ve backed off a little from sharing a lot of personal stories – I’ll try to incorporate a little bit more of my life into my descriptions though. I want to get to know you all better so I should remember that it goes both ways!

      Thanks again, I’m having a great summer and I hope you are too! : )

  12. A shared link with Japan first brought your blog to my attention – the excellent photos have made it a great place to return to on a regular basis. There is something about the composition and colour saturation of the prints that is very distinctive (can you make any location look like a great place to be?) The portraits are direct and down-to-earth and your enthusiasm for street art has certainly changed the way that I look at my own urban surroundings.

    The writing is just right – personable, upbeat, supportive of the images and able to elicit a positive response from your many fans.

    • I am so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me. That’s actually the reason I love using film so much – it seems to look good no matter what I do!

      I’m really glad I’ve changed your perspective on street art too – when you think of it as free, public art I think its something you can start to really value.

  13. Hi :)

    I’m new to this blog, but I bookmarked it, because I once lived in Seattle for a month, so it’s nice to look at your pictures and think about the wonderful city!


    • Thanks Cecilie! What were you in Seattle for? The link you left for your blog didn’t work – do you have another one?

  14. i like this blog for the sole reason that if you search my name, there are pictures of me. if not for that then i would never come here.

  15. I like the photos and seeing other film photos makes me happy. I also like the writing. Informative and just personal enough.

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