Late Afternoon

Summer is winding down now and I’ve been trying to enjoy it by spending as much time out as I can. Do you ever feel like you have Internet exhaustion? Haha, that sounds a little silly but it should explain why I’ve been posting a little less often than usual. I love doing this but sometimes I wonder if by documenting my life and putting it all on here I’m missing the point. I’m not stopping, I might just take weekends off from now on or something : )

Anyway, here’s a great music video I saw on my friend Andy‘s blog. He always posts good stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend!

*click images for full view//taken with a disposable camera (last photo by Paul)


10 responses to “Late Afternoon

  1. I understand your feelings about the Internet, and sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect a little bit and enjoy the real life :)

  2. I feel the same about missing the point and I feel the same about what Paula mentioned about disconnecting once in a while. It can be very tiresome and loses meaning and all those feelings in between.

  3. Totally feel the same way! All this being connected is like a double edged sword. It’s nice, but on the other hand it also takes some of the specialness out of things. I tend to go M.I.A. from the internet a lot, which is probably why I’m so spastic with my blog. :P Anyways, I always enjoy your updates, but I won’t be too terribly sad if you take weekends off. :D Have fun!!!

  4. I definitely had the same feelings a little while ago. Especially with summer coming to an end soon it’s best to spend as much time enjoying the warm temperatures and nice weather while you still can!

    The weather here has been even worse than fall in the PNW lately! Ick.

  5. i totally know the feeling. i also sometimes need to take off from the computer and feel more myself own my own life and also keep it just for myself;)
    after the breaks it feels then better to come back again.

    and hey, i really enjoy your photos and your blog:)

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