Here are a few photos from one of the many wineries we visited in Prosser. I have to say, wine tasting is a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon. I know very little about wine but I sure don’t mind sampling it : )

Anyway, here’s a pretty, fall-inspired video I found over on Mette Blogs yesterday:

Aaaand I’m adding running around in a park in Autumn to my list of fall things to get excited about ; )

6 responses to “Prosser

  1. I am a huge fan of wine tasting! I’ve never been tasting in Prosser, do you have any winery recommendations?

  2. it looks so tropical, i was always shocked when i was on the west coast how diverse the landscape was, especially wine country, i had to pinch myself and remember that i wasnt in italy

  3. I really like these! I’m hoping to visit a few vineyards myself sometime soon :)

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