The head and the heart

I’m mad about this photo so I’m just posting it on it’s own. I love everything about it, even the light flares (actually I always like those, even though I guess I’m not supposed to). Michelle and I were walking to catch a bus to see The Head and the Heart in Ballard a couple weeks ago and this is the only photo I took the whole night. It’s kind of a pain to lug that thing around sometimes but I think it was worth it this time. Do you like it too?

If you haven’t heard The Head and the Heart give them a listen – every song is beautiful and thoughtful.

*click image for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2


14 responses to “The head and the heart

  1. I love the picture too!
    I should make a list with all the pictures from you that I’d like to have as prints. Don’t forget to tell me when you’ll get a paypal/open an online shop/etc ;)

  2. I love this photo too. I love all the light and the lens flares.

    I do that a lot. I look at a picture or two that I took and think “I should have taken more”… although, I suppose I should be happy that I at least got one.

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