The Mission

These are just a few photos (of many) from the Mission district in SF.

How was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine trying to get over a cold (and failed, haha). I did watch a movie I can’t believe I’d never seen though… It’s called The Fall and it’s beautiful and imaginative and I’m soooo glad it popped up on netflix. Here’s the trailer:

Anyone else seen it?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2


19 responses to “The Mission

    • Oh really? I think if I lived in SF I’d want to live there – it would be nice to be surrounded by all those colorful murals and shops!

  1. I was just in San Francisco for the first time – what a great city! I bet there is some street art from Mission to be seen on your blog soon?

  2. These are great photos! I wish I’d spent more time in the mission district when I visited San Fran…next time. I haven’t seen The Fall but I added it to my queue!

  3. it was a kodak gold 200. funny you asked, it’s the first time i used kodak, only because i knew you took your pics with kodak. so i wanted to try it out. :) i’ll try 400 next time.

  4. ALLISON, I WATCHED THE MOVIE BEFORE GOING TO BED AND I LOVED IT. i can’t believe i haven’t heard of it either… it reminded me of bigfish. thanks for the recommendation! muah

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