Photo shoot

When we were walking through chinatown in SF a group of photographers on some kind of adventure asked if they could take a couple photos of Diane and Ben to try out some lighting techniques. It was super awkward and funny.

Has anything like that every happened to you guys?

PS that wall totally says God BRess America.

8 responses to “Photo shoot

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  2. Never, heh people aren’t so friendly here anyway. Diane and Ben’s body language is making me chuckle, haha, they must have felt really awkward!

    • They were hilarious!

      Really, people in Singapore aren’t friendly? I’ve only met a handful of people from there and they were incredibly nice :)

  3. Nope, although a lot of movies do get filmed here in Nova Scotia, nothing like this happened to me. I like how Ben seems so awkward and Diane is enjoying herself!

  4. God Bress America.

    Nothing like the random photo shoot, but I’ve done a live radio interview at this huge dairy fair where I was working as an interpreter there and talked about how beautiful those cows were. I remember the interviewer laughing at what I said and my thinking why it was funny. This was in Wisconsin, by the way.

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