Banksy in Chinatown

I can’t even tell you guys how happy I was to find The Store with Beautiful Things in SF’s Chinatown. I’d been looking for that forever…

No seriously though, it was pretty cool to come across a Banksy piece IRL. What do you think of it?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2


17 responses to “Banksy in Chinatown

  1. WHAT! I’ve never seen a Banksy! Did you watch Exit Through the Gift Shop? I did and it’s amazing.

  2. Precisely, the second picture is my favorite form this post :) You have a great eye for street art pictures, and, as usual, the colors are amazing.

  3. Cool that you got to see one of Banksy’s pieces! I’ve heard the Chinatown in SF is pretty amazing, and these pics definitely make it seem like there’s a lot of interesting stuff to see..

  4. Wow, I’m just now catching up on your blog after being pretty much internet-less for a week!! You went to SF!!! How fun!
    Lovely photos!


  5. Hi Allison !

    I’ve finally decided to comment on your blog! As i tweeted you before, it’s always refreshing to read about your lifestyle, your pictures are lovely! I guess the simple honesty you put in them is what makes them so wonderful!

    hugs from france,

    ps: hope my english is fine!

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate getting this kind of feedback and your English was just fine : )

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