Valencia Street

I’ve been posting so many pictures from San Francisco you’d think I’d moved there or something, huh? I wish! I just couldn’t help myself, there were so many things that caught my eye there. What a pleasant problem… I wish I felt that way about Seattle.

The days are starting to get shorter and soon I’ll be heading to work in the dark and getting off in the dark. I guess I’ll have to pack all my exploration time into the weekends and focus on other hobbies during the week. Maybe I’ll work on my portfolio and try to do something with all of these photos…

What do you do to keep busy in winter?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2//first photo is by Ben T.


4 responses to “Valencia Street

  1. A general strike was called on 9/29! A few days before, activists occupied that huge building in downtown Barcelona’s main square; the building had just been sold by one of Spain’s biggest banks to real estate promoters and is to be divided into luxurious appartements…

    As you see I’m back, finally we got internet so I will try to upload more, haha.

    is valencia st in sf? i was pretty in love with that part of the city!

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