What an incredibly nice place. Paul & I went to visit my Uncle Brian in Berkeley while we were in San Francisco and it was gorgeous. The day we went SF was windy and cold and gray but as you can see from these pictures Berkeley was warm and sunny. He took us to this really cozy little tea place first, then we bought some sushi to go nearby and brought it to eat on the UC Berkeley campus. It was really nice to walk around and see what another university is like and it made me miss being a student (even though I did only graduate a few months ago…). Anyway thank you Uncle Brian, I’d definitely like to come back and spend more time around there!

Happy Friday guys!

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2

11 responses to “Berkeley

  1. Hi, come back anytime.

    Some west coast flights probably use SFO as a hub to other destinations, maybe you could arrange a stopover here as part of getting to or from Hawaii or Japan.

    Wonderful to see what Berkeley looks like through your camera!

  2. Oh oh I so want to do that, get take-out sushi and eat outside under the sunshine! If I went to UC Berkely I probably won’t study, I’d want to go outside all the time! Not that I studied a lot at my school either lol.

  3. in berkeley i went crazy when we found the biggest amoeba over the world haha.

  4. looks like uncle brian lives somewhere super cool hehe is he looking to adopt additional nieces? ;-)

  5. Berkley never looks that good when I go there :/ You were lucky :]

    Aweomse photos. I especially like the one of the van and the one of the cacti.

  6. I love berkeley… though I haven’t been in agessss. I like the shot of the bougainvillea, so califor-n-i-a <3

  7. your bay area photos are spectacular, Allison. you’ve been to places i’ve never even been. gosh, i really need to leave the house more often.

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