It was such a good weekend!!

We put up some of my photos at my cousins cafe Mon Ami (they’ll be up (for sale) for the month if you’re in the area!). We went to Pix with Brittany. We both found adorable vintage coats and paid hardly anything for them. We ate at Petit Provence on Alberta and browsed a couple lovely shops… one of which I WON a pair of boots in!  Thank  you PedX Shoes : )

Of course the only thing it was missing was a trip to Little Winter, which several of you recommended! I’m so bummed I didn’t find out about it until the end of the day yesterday!

Anyway I’ll be posting in more detail about all of these things as soon as I get my film developed. Hope you had a truly wonderful weekend too!

*click images for full view//taken with my iphone


21 responses to “Shangri-la

  1. That cafe looks great from what I can see! You’ll have to show the vintage coats you bought, I do love vintage coats. This makes me want to visit Portland some day, now all I have to do is go to the Americas. Haha.

    • Yes you’ll have to visit! I’ll show you around : )
      The coat I’m wearing in that last photo is actually the one I bought. Do you like it?

    • It most definitely did! Thank you again. I only put up a few photos for this one since it’s a shared gallery with 3 other people. It’s still pretty cool though : )

  2. wow! your iphone photos are impressive as well!
    congratulations to your photo gallery at your cousin’s cafe.

  3. Hey Allison!

    your photos look great big and hung up on a wall! even better in physical form rather than on-screen huh!


    • Thanks Sam, it is pretty cool to get them printed out in a large format like that since I usually just get them scanned onto a CD!

  4. Sounds like a really great weekend! Is that the vintage coat you got? It’s so cute! I’ve been trying to find some vintage stores around here but I think I’ll have to venture to the bigger cities for that..

  5. I LOVE your coat, that’s such a nice colour! Very exciting about the photos :)


  6. Your photos are great! I love the picture with all the Japanese pay phones lining the wall.

    Thanks for continuously checking the blog…And its ALWAYS great finding good vintage for cheap. In fact, my friend found this lady in a super rural part of Oklahoma near Tulsa that used to own a vintage shop. She was getting rid of EVERYTHING, 50 cents per item. I told her GRAB EVERYTHING YOU CAN!! Haha. Needless to say I made my money back. haha

    • Haha that’s brilliant! I wish I had the luck of stumbling upon a vintage place selling everything like that!

      Btw I definitely have your blog in my google reader. I LOVE your illustrations!

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