I love hanging out with my brother but I swear, all he ever wants to do is paint ceramics. You can tell he does it a lot too, I mean think about the precision that tribal tattoo required. He’s practically a professional.

Haha I kid I kid. He probably wants to kill me right now.

: )

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2


7 responses to “Professional


    you know, the more you lie about ceramics the more your nose will grow and the less likely we’ll go back… sober

  2. Haha, that’s amazing. I wish my brother could be forced to do something like that with me. All we ever do “for fun” is mathematics. Which I suck at. A lot.
    And also, I’m very scared of the gnome with the tribal tattoo.. Looks like it’s gonna eat my soul.

    • MATH for fun?! Oh wow it would be really hard to convince me that math could be fun..haha. We picked up the gnomes today (they had to be fired) and in the end it turned out that MINE was the creepy one!! I painted her face light purple and I thought it would look nice but it’s like a blotchy grape! hahahaha ohhhhh well.

      • Yeah, math is never fun. My brother insists it is. He is a bit.. special.
        Haha that sounds awesome! Two creepy gnomes, a serial killer and a blotchy grape-faced one. Awe-some.

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