Cold Shoulder

It snowed today!

It’s great when it snows in the Pacific NW because everything kind of comes to a standstill. Nobody knows how to function in weather like this – the freeways become parking lots & schools and business just close. #snOMG & #snowpocalipse were actual twitter trending topics in Seattle…and we only got a couple inches…hahaha. I certainly don’t mind an opportunity to work in my pajamas now and then though : )

Pictures soon…

PS aren’t those leaves just unbelievably red?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2



9 responses to “Cold Shoulder

    • Even I mock the Brits for it! Last year was absolutely insane. Made me miss living in Germany, where a hurricane only stopped the trams. haha.

  1. I’m from up north, so it’s almost comical to see people here (Nagoya area) panic when it snows. Stay warm. And yes, those leaves are incredibly red!

    • Yay for snow in Seattle! And it is crazy how we just can’t handle the snow here and all it takes is 2 inches to shut everything down. And I agree, that is a gorgeous red! I love the top photo.

  2. We had a snow yesterday also, not a while lot but had enough to create traffic jams and accidents.
    I haven’t been able to see beautiful fall leaves like these in a while! We do have fall leaves but they aren’t as pretty as yours.

  3. This post is so beautiful and spiring -makes me want to take pictures at golden leaves :)
    And as always, I’m jealous for the snow.

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