Sliding Cars

I spent the day in Ballard with my mom a couple weekends ago and went glove crazy. Literally got 3 different pairs. I guess it was a smart choice since its now like 20 degrees (that’s around -7 for those of you who use Celsius).

Here’s a video of several cars and a bus crashing on a street in Seattle yesterday. I wasn’t kidding when I said we don’t know how to handle the snow : P

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2 (my mom took these!)


16 responses to “Sliding Cars

  1. wow scaryyy..
    i’ve read a forecast alert saying “snow in france” today.
    i see nothing from my window,
    but when i’m watching your video,
    even if i like the snow,
    it’s maybe better without it!

  2. ooo, crazinesss!
    I can’t believe how cold it is over there!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying the snow :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    miss you and love you lots! <3

  3. Sounds like North Carolinian’s and the snow. If bad weather is in the forecast does everyone run out and buy bread and milk? It seems that whenever I legitimately need bread and milk there is a storm and the shelves are bare. I understand the bread, but not the milk. If the electricity goes out the milk will go bad…

  4. Ahh this happens in Vancouver all the time when it snows as well. The weather widget on my desktop keeps telling me it’s going to snow today but I’m still waiting…

  5. WOW!!! That snow and ice is so so scary! I can’t imagine living there fearing a bus ploughing into my house every night.. -7 every day through winter? Or is it just a really cold patch?

    • That was pretty cold for November, it’s usually not like that until January! Doesn’t it snow over there at all?

      • Yea, it snows here too but very rare for it to be this side of winter.. Usually we get it around Jan/Feb.. As in that video, it’s chaos whenever there is snow! It’s like no one remembers what it was like the previous year lol. Currently we’re at -3 (26F~) and that feels bad enough, but it’s clear skies..

  6. I left a comment yesterday but it never appeared! I was saying : your gloves are very chic and I love the colour so much!
    We had our first tiny snowflakes yesterday and this morning everything was white and shiny! I’m gonna spent a few days in München next week and I’ve heard that it’s very cold and freezing over there; let’s hope that no bus will crash on our way!

    • That’s weird because I saw it come through! Anyway thank you so much, I’m glad you like them! : )

      Hope you stay warm in Munchen (and take some pictures?).

  7. first i must say those gloves are really beautiful! lucky you:)

    we have -14 celsius at the moment, and quite a lot of snow. that video clip there looked a bit scary.. don´t the cars have winter tires? here it´s not allowed to drive with out. but i´m sliding when walking ;)

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