Lunch at Pike Place Market

I met Lupe for lunch at Pike Place Market on a sunny day a couple weeks ago. We bought sandwiches from Michou and ate them by the water before going for a short walk.

I still think the market is fun after all this time. I don’t really even mind the crowds : )

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2

10 responses to “Lunch at Pike Place Market

  1. I love that top photo! The colors are awesome. And that smiley face in the fence is so cute! I still love the market too, especially the spice shop and Piroshky, Piroshky.

    • I loved the smiley face too – I thought it was sweet that the construction workers were trying to liven up the site : )

  2. I agree, crowded tourist spots aren’t so bad because at least nobody’s in a rush! I love the colours in that photo with the flowers, limonata’s so pop-arty :)

  3. Lunch at Pikes comes in second only to happy hour at the Matador when we visit Seattle. Those doughnuts are wonderfully hot, gooey and yummy- I’m a bit jealous just seeing these photos!

    • They really are! I’m tempted to return again for them as I type this… : )
      What do you usually get at matador?

  4. aw, I love these pictures. My boyfriend and I went here in the summer and absolutely loved it.

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