Winter Words: Serene

Today is the start of a new project: Winter Words! Megan from TheBigMystery & I met up for coffee last week to talk about ways we could potentially collaborate and encourage each other to keep taking interesting pictures throughout winter. The days are very short now and the sky is almost always gray, so trust me, it’s a challenge!

Here’s the plan: each week we will individually take a picture that fits the theme of that week’s chosen word, then put them together and share them with you! It should be interesting to see how similar or different our interpretations of the word are…

The word for this week was serene. My photo is on the left & Megan’s is on the right. What do you think of them?

*Plllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase click the photo for full view!


13 responses to “Winter Words: Serene

  1. Cool idea! :D it’s pretty hard to be inspired sometimes… at the moment I don’t really take my cam with me :( how do you do it? I mean it’s not the smallest of bags to carry around all the time… but it’s mostly when I don’t have it with me that I see things I’d like to take pictures of…

    • Ahh I completely understand. It’s a total pain to lug around a camera so I mostly just do it on the weekends. Its the worst when you see something that would make a great picture and don’t have it though!

  2. This is a really good idea, and the first couple of pictures look great together.
    I think it’s very interesting to take little challenges like this to keep motivated and making things. I’m expecting to see more from your new project!

    • Thanks Paula! Perhaps we should do a little project like this someday too…I bet it would be really interesting to see how our photos compare since we live so far apart!

  3. It sounds like a nice project! Both pictures are lovely but I think I like yours better. Looking forward to seeing your next collaborations :)

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