Winter Words: Layers

Here’s week two of my photo collaboration with Megan from The Big Mystery. The word of the week is “Layers,” and my photo is on the right. What do you think of the way they came out? I’m surprised and impressed at how cool they ended up looking together!

*Pretty please click the image for full view. It’s so…tiny if you don’t!


8 responses to “Winter Words: Layers

  1. they are both very beautiful and fit well together! very nice idea this making something together:)

  2. The combination between the 2 images looks great!
    Did you take yours with film? The color tones look very delicate (in a good way)

  3. oh, i do love the way they turned out. the pair of photos is even more beautiful magnified to full size.

    hey, it’s snowing here! :)

  4. three things. 1. i LOVE this blog-share idea. so much!! 2. i just made this my desktop. 3. it’s snowing on your blog! ALLISON! :)

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