The end of the trail

Here are some photos from one of the hikes we did in Hawaii.

I have to be honest, I’m thinking about putting an end to this blog soon.  You know I love it, but the problem is that I work on the internet all day, I come home from work and spend more time on the internet, and even on the weekends I…you guessed it, spend time on the internet. I care so much about all of you that I’ve met over the last couple years and I want to keep in touch with you (which is obviously why I spend so much time here and reading all of your blogs), but I also want to spend more time in the real world. I want to use my free time for reading books, exploring, meeting friends, reflecting on my life, whatever. You know what I mean? I’m not sure what the best solution is, because I love taking pictures and I love having people to share them with, but perhaps instead of writing a blog I’ll just post them on flickr.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to get the best of both worlds & I appreciate your understanding :)

*click images for full view//canon eos rebel k2//forgot which type of film I used :P


28 responses to “The end of the trail

    • Right. And I don’t want to make it sound as if I’m a hermit that never leaves my room, but after sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours at work it seems silly to spend anymore time doing so.

  1. I love Micah’s comment. Your living is the most vital part of your life. Your sharing that, and sharing what you see in that, is a gift to us all. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of what you see. :) Your creativity is a feast for our eyes.

    Post once a week instead of daily…? :)

  2. I agree with both comments above and I think posting less frequently might be a decent solution. I think setting some parameters about when/what you feel like posting will help.

    I would hate to see you totally leave but there’s so much to life outside the internet… sometimes it’s easy to loose track of how much of our lives it takes up.

  3. do what I do with cigarettes, just cut back so you only visit it once a week (though I’m at one a day, with cigarettes that is). its the next best alternative to quitting altogether

  4. :D once a week would be a solution ( and now that u r quitting and i have not yet start mine :D)

    and just wanna say that i’m so jealous of u having fun in hawaii with MOMO ALAN BEN and all of them..T T.. wish i was there

    • You should have been! If you visit in May though I will go again :) Or we can just meet in Japan…or we’ll invade your house in Bangkok!

  5. First of all, these photo set is absolutely amazing! I mean, I love all the pictures from Hawaii that you’ve posted, but these are my favorite.
    Well, I’ll definitely be sad if you leave the blog (but we can still keep in touch right???). But the truth is that you have to do whatever feels right. I wish you can find a way to manage to keep balance between your life in and outside the Internet :)

  6. I have to concur with the once a week posting. It takes away a huge amount of stress when you are not worried about posting every weekday. Wouldn’t want to see your blog end completely.

  7. I would miss your blog if it went :) but I do understand! I post only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now, I try to make sure I take less than an hour too.

  8. If anything, I think you should update this blog more often. At least twice a day if possible. This blog is a vital part of my internet addiction and if I’m not getting new content every 2 seconds then I don’t even want to live in real life.

  9. These photographs are so wonderful to see. Thank you for all that you’ve shared. I do understand about not wanting the blog to take over and simplifying. Perhaps flickr and a portfolio with projects you are working on would calm things down for you, but you’ll have the joy of sharing and hearing from others. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  10. I think once a week is a great idea, but don’t be tied down to that. If two weeks pass because you’re out in the world smelling the real, not virtual, flowers, then so be it! I love your photos and editorial but you should only write about what’s real and honest to you, and if you’re feeling pressured to write simply to meet a deadline, it won’t be YOU. And YOU is why people read this blog:).

  11. I’m finding it hard to keep up with my blog posting too…hmm.. I would miss you so much if you stop posting…hmm..maybe you could just post less!? Having said that, you should just do whatever you feel is right for you now :)

  12. You’ve got such a great thing going on here I’d be sad to see it end, but I understand the wanting to live your life instead of sitting in front of a computer all day. I hope you find a balance that works for you!

  13. It’s your blog, your time, so I’ll understand whatever decision you make. I’ll miss your photos though – promise that you’ll update your flickr? Or you could blog less frequently – maybe once a month? Again, it’s your decision and I totally support it!

  14. I agree with all the comments above. Especially Jacob’s :D haha, just kidding. I’ll miss seeing your every day photos, but who knows, maybe you’ll find a different appreciation for blogging if you post less? I’m sure everyone here will keep checking your blog anyway :) It’s the best!

  15. If change it is to be, very much hope that less time on the blog will be a boost to your creative output in other directions. Flickr would be good – the photographs speak volumes, but do make sure that we can still reach you when we need your unique scoop on a Tokyo backstreet / vegetarian lunch / cool store / not-to-be-missed street art in Seattle or elsewhere.

    • Thanks Alex, I’m happy to find out that you’re still following my blog! I’ll definitely make sure that if I ever discontinue this blog I’ll be around for any Japan/Seattle/whatever questions :)

  16. KEEP THE BLOG. POST WHENEVER YOU FEEL THAT ITCH! i have a blog that I NEVER UPDATE as you probably already know ;-) but i do have it up and i do sometimes post pictures up . . . . plus doesn’t everyone have google reader now so you’re automatically updated on when ppl post on their blogs? i am sure you will not lose your audience. <3

    • You’re right about the google reader thing! I definitely still see your (rare!) posts :) I wish you would post more too, haha!

  17. LOL@Jacob’s comment!

    I agree with everyone, post whenever you feel up to it and as hellopummelo mentioned, most people would have your blog on a feed reader so we’ll always be kept in the loop! I’d really hate to see you go :( Flickr’s awesome but not so awesome when it comes to exchanging words?

  18. I agree with all the other post. I enjoy reading about your view on the world but as a person, you do need to live your life (something i dont do xD). :)

  19. i understand.. i spend too much time on internet, reading some blogs.. sometimes i want to stop everything, and spend more time in the real world.
    congrats if you can take this decision!
    but i’ll be sad.. i discovered your blog few months ago, and i liked it.

  20. no problem. Thankyou for your comment aswell. and i actually just made this blog late last year lol!! i was just adding post from early last year on my japan trip because i had a blog on blog spot that i put them on at first, but then i got the website and i wanted them to be on there instead. (so i guess i lied about the dates on my post. sshhh dont tell anyone :) *adds another post with last years date again*) I plan on posting more once I finish all the post on Japan though :D

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