SF Story

Can you be in love with a place? Because I think I think I’ve fallen for San Francisco.

I went for another short visit earlier this week (that was the small adventure I was referring to in my last post) with my lovely friend Michelle and it was the B.W.E.

I’ll share more next time :)

*click images for full view//canon eos rebel k2 + 50mm lens//kodak 400

23 responses to “SF Story

  1. these photos are gorgeous, allison!! was the first photo taken from the second floor of city lights bookstore?

    let me know when you move down to the bay area — many parts of sf is still foreign to me and it would be nice to have a photo buddy!! :D

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  3. So before this Jacob texted with his hate msg, “What the your coming to SF and didnt even tell me?” and my reaction was WHAT THE F when am i going? Any ways i guess when you told jacob he thought it was me. haha i wish i was there with u guys though.. SF is AWESOME!

  4. I really like this set.. I think next time I’m back on the west coast I’ll have to make a trip to SF! Looks so warm and sunny.. I can’t wait for the weather here warm up!

    • You’ll definitely have to! Although I heard the weather turned sour pretty much the day after I left so the sun might be misleading :)

      It’s probably still better than the PNW though…

  5. I love SF so much! Wish I could visit more often, but I live too far away. The bookstore makes me think of Vertigo.

  6. I fell in love too. It’s an awesome city and the people is so nice. There were gigs everynight, such a cool places to visit and so many veggies places.
    I wanna come back soon :(

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