Michelle and I went to San Francisco for the weekend because her brother CJ, who’s an English lecturer at the American University of Iraq, had an exhibit of his photos from Iraqi Kurdistan at Berkeley! His photos are incredible and we had so much fun wandering around Berkeley for the day of his opening. Jacob, my uncle Brian, and Avalonne came out too. I’ll save the rest of the photos for next time though, don’t want to overload you.

Jacob took those last three photos. I had been admiring a gigantic aloe plant and it stabbed me! I got a splinter that started bleeding immediately and it was such a ridiculous moment there was nothing to do but laugh :)

*click images for full view//canon eos rebel k2//kodak 400

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    • Oops late reply! I’m not sure but when I took the picture they reminded me of coral (if you use your imagination the blue sky could be the ocean!) :)

  2. Love love these photos. It’s like a time capsule or a dream, because when you visited, the weather was absolutely stunning. Granted, it was a little chilly and windy, but still very sunny.

    Now it’s rainy and hailing and pouring and I’m lying in bed… feeling a little under the weather. Crap. Anyways, these photos are wonderful. I hope the ones that I took of you came out okay! Miss you! :)

  3. wow it’s summertime in california!
    so far from paris, where it was raining all day!
    i actually spent some days in berkeley too, last year, not far from the university. a nice area!

  4. I love the flare on the last one of you! Also love the framing on the first. Very nice. Still wishing I could visit SF.

  5. These photos reminded me that spring is right around the corner, I can’t wait for more sunshine and warmer weather!

  6. These are beautiful! You instantly getting a summer vibe going through these :) Did you take this with the Diana Lens because I really like the slight blur. I just purchased one, so I have to get out and experiment with it…maybe when it’s a bit warmer out!

    • Ooh you should! I’d love to see what kinds of photos you’d take. I actually just used a 50mm lens on my Canon eos rebel. Lots of my photos are coming out a little fuzzy with the 50mm…I definitely still have some learning to do :)

  7. I think I haven’t said this before so here I go: I really like how the 50mm lens works with your camera.

    Gorgeous pictures as always!

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