Meeting Avalonne Hall

Here are a few more pictures from around Berkeley and San Francisco. As you can see I got to meet up with the lovely Avalonne Hall again! She’s such a character, I find her really inspiring and I wish you could all meet her too. I remember once she wrote on her blog that she dresses up everyday, even if she’s staying in because its just her philosophy. It stuck with me because I think it says a lot about living in the moment and being the person you want to be. I hope I get a chance to visit her again before she moves to New York…although I suppose it might be even better to meet up with her there!

What’s new with you guys? Lots of changes around here for me!

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2

**2nd photo by Avalonne, 6th photo by Jacob

15 responses to “Meeting Avalonne Hall

  1. Wow, the lights are so good in these shots! I love that engraved tile with bike shot and of course, that beautifully painted building! I’ve never seen any building like that.

  2. Hi Allison! My favorite is the bicycle pic!! lovely lights! btw. I’m back in Tokyo now after traveling a bit around Japan. Am staying with Ryoko for a while and flying home next Sunday!!

    Gosh…can’t believe I’m finally leaving…

  3. cool photos from Berkeley and San Fransisco!
    pheew, i wish i could say i also dress up every day, but.. my excuse is that i anyway have to dress up for the work, so at home i wear what ever;) but actually it would be nice to think a bit what to wear, even just at home. hmm, you gave me something to think..
    i wish you sunny days Allison!

  4. The bicycle shot is my absolute favorite!! You do a wondeful job of capturing the light and sunflare!

  5. Hey pretty lady! I love these photos! May I put them on my blog please? I have yet to blog about our meetup, damn… what happened? Silly me. I’m so glad you got to enjoy some lovely weather here. If you had come here a week later, you would have been drenched the entire time. How lucky!

    I hope the other photos came out!!! Aaaahhh! The ones in the library! Haha, is that my seductive look? Because your one is way better! Miss you!

    • Of course you can! I’m really excited to see your pictures too. Unfortunately the ones in the library came out pretty dark. I might still post them but it’s hard to see much. :(

      Oh well! I still have the memories! Miss you!

  6. avalonne is the most sophisticated person i’ve ever met! you both look lovely and i’m still in love with that coat of yours. :)

    allison, thanks for the comment you left the other day. you know, the irony of it all is that moving to a smaller place was my idea, but when it came to cleaning up the place and packing our stuff, the though of leaving the ikea furniture we built together pulled at my heart strings. in any case, i spent the last few days mourning and i feel excited once again! this move just proves that we might just be ready to move to japan one day!

  7. Great pics. She looks very chic, and I love your coat. It’s very admirable that she dresses up every single day….very inspiring:). I think I should give myself a similar rule, like to cook at least one meal from scratch each day!

    • That sounds like a great rule! I’m sure you could pull it off easily – all the things you post pretty much make me drool :)

  8. I’m always telling you flattering comments but I can’t say more: you’re coat is so beautiful

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