The last of SF

Here are the last of my photos from sunny San Francisco…for now. You know it won’t be long before I’m back there again ;)

I had the most wonderful weekend, did you? I actually brought my camera out with me today but of course the battery died within minutes. Oh well, I guess I just wasn’t meant to take photos today!

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2 + 50 mm lens

**Jacob took the photo of Michelle & I

18 responses to “The last of SF

  1. I love the bright colours in these! It’s a sunny day here today..still too cold but I’m optimistic spring is around the corner.

  2. These are gorgeous! You’ve captured the light so well, looking at these photos makes me feel a bit warmer.
    Btw, love your dress! It looks so cute on you.

  3. Love all the colors! I must visit San Francisco someday, especially now where everything is so dark and gloomy around here :o/

  4. I love your film photography. I can’t wait to develop the film that I’ve taken recently. I just wish I had more money to spend on developing. Because I have rolls of film, which are cheap from Hong Kong and then developing just costs so much over here. Boo.

    I love these photos. I adore your dresses, you know that. You’re like a porcelain doll. Let’s chat on facebook soon please? Miss you! :)

    • Oh man tell me about it! I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent on developing film over the last couple years. I hope you do get them developed soon though.. I’d love to see them!

      Thanks Avalonne :) Talk to you soon!

  5. SO beautiful, Allison.

    I had a pretty great weekend too, celebrating my cousin’s birthday and having my grandparents for lunch! :)

    • Thanks Katrina! Yep, that’s where I took them. That would be a great area to live… at least I think it would. You probably know better than I do ;)

  6. I like your photos, it makes me feel as though I was there too. I went to San Fran once, briefly =( but I saw the famous Hairpin Drive? The part where the road winds around sharply?

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