Ghirardelli Square

I thought I had finished posting pictures from SF a few weeks ago but there were a few photos on the roll of film I had developed this weekend. What a pleasant surprise! One of the many reasons to love film.

Aren’t Michelle, her brother & Avalonne gorgeous? I love taking pictures of people and need to figure out ways to take more! It’s always a little awkward to ask people though, don’t you think?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2 + 50 mm lens

**Michelle took the photo of Avalonne & I

10 responses to “Ghirardelli Square

  1. great photos! it is really a bit dilemma how to ask strangers if one can take a photo. sometimes i see really interesting situations and people, but i´m too shy to ask..

  2. Love the photoes once again! My favorite is the photo of light coming through the window. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s shy about taking photos of others. I love how people take candids of folks on the street, but I’m alway afraid of getting yelled at :)

  3. You know what a coincidence? I just developed my film last week when I went back to Hong Kong for spring break! I must scan those photos and post them! Sorry it has taken a while! I love the photo you took of me!!! Ahhh I hope we can meet again! How are you doing? Hope things are well! :)

  4. Oh by the way, you missed another r in GhiraRdelli Sququare. Just thought I’d let you know :)

    • Oh good catch! Heh, oops.

      I can’t wait to see your film, I hope you scan & upload it soon! I hope I get to see you again soon too – I’m always watching for sales on Virgin Airlines so you never know :) You need to come visit me here too!!

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