Seattle Waterfront

Thought I’d post some photos from a little adventure to the Seattle Aquarium a couple months ago. I could honestly probably spend a week in an aquarium, just watching the fish swim around and marveling at the colors of everything. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to go snorkeling or scuba diving and see them IRL!

Thanks for your music suggestions! I’ve added ’em all to my list. Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed recently…

TV On The Radio – Will Do (XXXChange Dancehall mix)
Oh Land – Helicopter
Rome – Two Against One (ft. Jack White)
JJ – Ecstacy


*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2 + 50 mm lens

11 responses to “Seattle Waterfront

  1. Oh my god! I was at the Aquarium at Pier 39 today… haha let me rephrase, I was at the Aquarium’s gift shop today. I was shopping for props for this short film with the director and the theme of the film is sea creatures and maritime decor. Awww we hung out at the Wharf when we met again in February! Hehe. I love fish and sea creatures, but honestly, they scare me! I mean the ocean is so deep, we still don’t have the equipment and technology to go all the way to the bottom of the ocean! There are undiscovered prehistoric creature awaiting to be found! Scary! I think sharks are cute haha! I was meaning to get goldfish in January, but I didn’t because I ended up buying other things, but at least I’ve been buying flowers and plants! Yay. When I’ve settled in New York, I’ll get some fish and a hedgehog!

    Will you be going to New York soon? Please say yes! If you ever decide to make the move, let me know, okay? I’m glad you like the shades of blue! It’s such a pretty color for spring. I was also thinking of your beautiful light blue vintage coat of course. Sadly, I can’t take credit for the circle presentation layout thingy! I must thank Miss Moss and fieldguided for their innovative graphic design skills!

    How have you been? I miss you. I feel like I wrote an entire essay! How’s the weather in Seattle? It’s so sunny here, but so chilly and windy! The wind is ice cold, but the sunny is blazing in the sky. The weather is so cruel here and it’s meant to rain this weekend. Boo again. Miss you!

    • Ha, a hedgehog? I think this might be the best comment I’ve ever received in the whole history of this blog. You are hilarious and adorable.

      I miss you too! I wish we could go exploring & photo-adventuring again. Hopefully in NYC someday! The weather here is awful–it feels exactly like fall. Seriously, if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was November. Enjoy that sun for me!

  2. i was looking for what camera did u use for these and is it the same that you usually use?
    because the colors same different!

    • Actually it is the same as usual, but I broke my normal lense so I’m using a 50mm one now. Some of the photos are kind of fuzzy huh?

  3. I love being in an aquarium – it makes me feel so peaceful and calm for some reason. Too bad there aren’t any around here :( Lovely photos as always!

  4. Yesterday J. and I visited the aquarium. I was so surprised and delighted to find your photos today. The music tips are awesome. I hope things are good for you!

  5. this afternoon, i received a phone call from my boss
    “marion, we need you in seattle, can you go there?”
    sadly, i don’t have enough time in the few next months.
    i’m so saaaad..
    your pictures make me so melancholic from my week spent in seattle, in september 2009. i remember a dinner, alone, in front of puget sound.
    seattle waterfront at night.

    • Awwwwwww that’s such a bummer! I would LOVE to meet you here! I hope you get another chance to come visit again soon!!

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