City dreamer

I brought my camera with me on a walk to the International District a couple weeks ago and took these. I was on my way to the Wing Luke Museum and ended up taking a few pictures there too so I’ll probably share them next. Anyway I really like that area and need to make an effort to spend more time there – so many great galleries and hole-in-the-wall restaurants!

This weekend ended way too quickly! The Head And The Heart put on a free show at Easy Street Records for Record Store Day yesterday and I had the pleasure of attending which was great. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of seeing them. The sun also came out today so I brought out my camera (the opportunities in “Spring” are so rare!) and took as many sunny, flowery pictures as I could. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them developed soon!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

*click images for full view//kodak 400//canon eos rebel k2 +50mm lens


4 responses to “City dreamer

  1. I love this view of your city, you always have a great eye for the little details. Also, I can’t wait for your flowery pictures : )
    My weekend was great. On Friday, after arriving from Barcelona, I went to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. On Saturday I spent the night at my grandparents’. I also went flower-picking with my grandma, and I even took pictures. It was nice and relaxing and now I have to go back to write things for class.
    I hope you’re doing fine too!

  2. There’s something really wonderful about that first photo.

    Your weekend sounds fun! I’d never heard that band before but I’ll have to check out more of their stuff.

    The highlight of my weekend was definitely picnicking at a nearby park that I had never been to. The weather was just perfect for it! Looking forward to your springy photos!

  3. I really like that last shot. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. I laughed at the cartoon you shared about our weather. Thanks for that!

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