Dance your cash off!

Dance Your Cash Off for 826 Seattle: Nectar Lounge, June 26

Dearest friends and family,

I’d like to take a break from my regularly scheduled programming (^_-) to tell you about an event I’m participating in this month and ask for your support. I’m trying to help raise money for 826 Seattle, an amazing non-profit organization that provides free field-trips, writing workshops, in-schools writing volunteers, and after school tutoring to Seattle youth. 826 has an amazing vision: if we help kiddos learn how to write then they will go places in life. Strong writing skills are fundamental to success and sometimes kids just need to be inspired. That’s where 826 comes in. The best part? All of their programs are free. Phew!

Where do you fit into this picture? Well, 826 is having a fundraiser. This one is a little bit different than most fundraisers- it’s a little bit crazier, a little bit wilder and a lot more fun. This fundraiser is a dance marathon: Dance Your Cash Off. Hundreds of Seattlelites, like myself, are pledging to dance for five hours and raise money for 826 Seattle. In order to carry my weight as a member of my dance team (and to qualify to dance), I need to raise at least $150. This year my friends and I are calling ourselves “DENNIS QUAID IS HERE TO DANCE!” (inspired by our favorite youtube video, of course. :) ) Support the cultivation of best selling youth authors, and my team’s dance moves here:

I would be truly honored if you could offer a small donation to my team, and I promise I’ll dance my heart out.

See? We love to dance!

If, by some chance, you’re going to be in Seattle on Sunday, June 26th … come and cheer us on! The fundraiser is at Nectar Lounge in Fremont, and general admission tickets are just $10. Doors open at 5:30, and the dancing will be from 6:00-11:00pm. My toes are already tapping.

Many thanks from both me and the future Pulitzer winners for your support.

All my love and my most sincere dance moves,



5 responses to “Dance your cash off!

  1. I made a small contribution, I hope it goes well! I love that Dennis Quaid clip, I’d not seen that before, so funny :D

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