Alki Beach

Alki beach is one of my favorite places in Seattle to take pictures (although it doesn’t feel much like Seattle at all there). It’s just a short (15 minute?) ferry across the water from downtown and has a really nice small town beach community vibe.

If you follow me on instagram/twitter you’ve probably already seen this photo of Ben looking decidedly unimpressed with what we call a beach here in the Emerald City, but we had a lot of fun that day. Alki’s not exactly a white sand beach but what it lacks in soft sand and warm water it certainly makes up for in people watching ;)

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2 (last photo was edited with instagram)


7 responses to “Alki Beach

  1. We have man-made beaches in Singapore, yikes!!! And tankers and ships outline the horizon no matter which direction you’re looking at. Alki is beautiful by my standards, haha. I really love it when there are houses sloping around sides, what do you call that?

    • I’m not sure, I just think of them as beachfront houses! You can actually see a lot of cargo ships from this beach too. It’s pretty crazy to watch them come in and unload, realizing they’re full of all the goods we see on store shelves.

  2. It’s a beautiful beach! Is it really warm over there? I haven’t been to one in a while because 1) it doesn’t get hot enough for me to get in water and 2) water is freezing, all the time.

    • The sun was actually out that day so it was pretty warm (in the 70s? Or around 20 if we’re talking Celsius). The water’s always freeeezing though here too.

  3. these photos are great, allison. the huge beach umbrellas are always so photogenic.

    anyhoo, i’m happy to hear that you guys had a blast! your hair grows really fast!

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