I went down to Portland with Carmel and Joseph a few weekends ago and took these photos while I was there. As you can see, we stumbled upon all kinds of silliness – from a dog in a motorcycle to goats in the middle of the city. Definitely living up to that Portlandia reputation… :)

In other news, my Olympic Sculpture Park post was featured on the WordPress home page for a few days as a “freshly pressed” photography post! How cool is that!? Thanks WordPress!

Things have been pretty great (grand, even) around here. What’s new with you?

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2

7 responses to “Portlandia

  1. You’ll be happy to know that I saw the dog cruising around on the motorcycle yesterday while on my lunchtime walk. And yes, the dog does wear goggles when the bike is moving:)

  2. That dog looks really dumb. Just saw a show called New Girl, she reminds me of you so you should watch it.

  3. i’ve always been fascinated with portland and seriously hope to visit someday. that show is hilarious!

    thanks for the postcard, allison! :D

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