Victoria, BC

What a charming city. I would love to spend another day or two casually wandering around here. BC is only a couple hours away from Seattle so I really ought to! Actually it just might be time to plan a visit to Yuko in Vancouver too… what do you think? :)

The highlight of this little trip was definitely the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria. We weren’t too pleased when we missed it by 2 minutes and had to wait two hours for the next one (oops), nor were we particularly happy to find out the cost of a trip (around $75!), but all was forgotten when we spotted a pod of orcas swimming alongside the ferry. It was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking things I’ve ever seen in my life!

Have you seen whales in the wild? I was too caught up in the moment to even think about taking a picture.

More photos in a day or two! I promise!

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2


5 responses to “Victoria, BC

  1. Victoria, BC is so beautiful!
    I go every year and I never find it boring. You should try going to the Moss Street Farmers Market on Saturdays; I think you’ll enjoy it :]

  2. Oh! Glad to see your pictures from your trip up north :)

    Also you’re so lucky that you got to see orcas! I’ve never seen any in the wild unfortunately.. only grey whales [although that was also pretty amazing].

  3. It seems a very beatiful place, indeed. The photos are gorgeous, thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend!

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