Hiking The Chief

How beautiful is this place?? We had considered a few other locations for our hiking adventure in Squamish before landing here, including Garibaldi lake (which might have been surrounded by snow and might have been considerably farther away than we were prepared to travel), and a park nearby (which could have been filled with bears and mountain lions, we were told).

“Oh just speak loudly,” the waitress we discussed our plans with said, as if bears were no big deal to hang out with. It was actually at her suggestion though that we settled on The Chief at the last minute, and I think she gave pretty good advice! Beautiful scenery, a difficult-but-not-too-difficult hike to the summit, and plenty of people around to speak loudly and scare off those bears.

I even did a little bear impression of my own while we were at the top….

Just kidding. That was my attempt to explain to Nick that he needed to press the button on the camera halfway to let it auto-focus before taking the picture. So much for the halfway part ;)

*Click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2 + 50mm lens

9 responses to “Hiking The Chief

  1. Beautiful !!! Hahaha… how are there still people that don’t know about pressing the button in halfway?? blows my mind….. but I could relate!!!! :) **

  2. Hiking the Chief was totally on my list of things to do this summer but I just plain ran out of time. Your pictures are great though! I’ll have to make sure I give it a go next time I’m back home :)

  3. Allison! Such a beautiful place :) I miss hiking & I miss my blog too. Haven’t had time to be online at all *cry

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