What’s New?

I don’t have any interesting new film photos to share so I thought I’d post some fake film photos instead!

One of the many reasons I love fall.

My food philosophy: adding an egg to anything makes it a meal.

Ross. Tats on tats.

Yours truly, bein' a badass.

Fresh flowers are one of my small joys.

My brother!

Seattleites welcoming President Obama to town...sort of.

Bottles outside a bar on Capital Hill

A different view of the city

Anisa & I at a fundraiser for Seattle Works

A gift :)

They won!

Anti-war march + Occupy Seattle

Does this need an explanation?

Are you on instagram too? What’s your username? Mine’s allisonoconnor.


Click images for full view//all images taken with my phone & edited on instagram


4 responses to “What’s New?

  1. oh allison, your fake film photos are great!

    i’m totally lovin’ your hair cut. my hair has grown soooo long… and unmanageable, i’m due for a cut and style and i’m seriously thinking about cutting it, very similar to your length.

    anyhow, friend — i hope everything is well with you.

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