5 Spot, Queen Anne

Well, now I know. 5 Spot cafe actually is just as good as Carmel made it out to be, the many times she told me I was crazy for never having been before. What’s great about it? Lousiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce on the table, perfect hashbrowns, multiple menu items involving black beans, tortillas and eggs, shockingly fast service, bottomless coffee (ok, I guess that’s kind of a given in a brunch place), friendly service (definitely not a given), AND it got me over to Queen Anne, which almost never happens. Add it to your rotation, friends.

Also, can you believe these photos were taken in Seattle? We had an unbelievably beautiful weekend. I still remember my first winter away from home (in Tokyo), and the slow realization that ever-present dark gray clouds and drizzling rain are not necessary components of winter. That it in some (many) places in the world, it’s cold and crisp and the leaves turn red and orange, but: the sky is also clear and sunny! Someday I’ll live in a place like that again.

[Silly question time] What do you look for in a brunch place (and are there places I should try?)

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2 (Ben took the photo of me lookin’ like Steve Zissou)

10 responses to “5 Spot, Queen Anne

  1. I have been in Vienna last week and we had awesome weather too!
    When I see your pics seems you have always so much fun and beautiful friends!! lovely!

    • Thanks Ashley! I definitely agree with you on the patio. The last time I went there for brunch it was kind of a miss, but the mimosa pitchers pretty much evened it out ;)

    • I miss it so much! I’ve actually been feeling more nostalgic for Japan than usual lately and I think it’s because of the nice fall weather we’ve been getting. Did you know I’m going to try and visit again in March?

  2. Brunch is one of my favourite meals but I rarely have it.. usually the place is good for me if they have a good mix of savoury and sweet options. Fall on the west coast looks really beautiful in your photos!

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