Visiting Yuko, Vancouver, B.C.

I went up to Vancouver, B.C. a couple weekends ago to visit my lovely friend Yuko. I had helped her move up there a few years ago and always meant to visit regularly, but this was my first time since then! Oops, sorry Yuko :) Not sure what kept me away so long, it’s just a short train ride away!

Here’s a song I can’t stop listening to: Birdy – 1901. Share one with me?

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2

20 responses to “Visiting Yuko, Vancouver, B.C.

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful, it makes it seem like we had nice weather while you were up here!
    Yes, only a short train ride away! Come back again soon!

  2. Beautiful photos! Keep on exploring :) It feels like so long since I’ve listened to any good music at all here in China. My laptop crashed and I’ve only just yesterday got it fixed.

  3. Vancouver seems like a nice city, I’m glad you enjoyed your time there :)
    Those pictures are gorgeous. I really love the first one, you’ve captured such a beautiful light and atmosphere!
    Happy December 1st :)

  4. I always love your pictures! Vancouver seems to be a wonderful place :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, Allison.

  5. Very pretty photos, especially love the 1st & 8th one. The girl in the 5th photo (you?) reminds me of Alexa Chung a little. :)
    Vancouver looks like an absolutely beautiful city, especially at this time of the yeah IMHO. :)

  6. this is one of my favorites …. your pics always make me miss my time in the NorthWest like it was home …. nicest folks I’ve ever met

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