Snow on Capitol Hill, Seattle

Photos from Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Did you hear about the “snowmaggedon” we had here in Seattle last week? Apparently even BBC news was talking about it. I think the areas just north and south of Seattle were hit pretty hard, but around here it wasn’t so bad. Just a few lovely inches of snow and a day or so of freezing rain. Beautiful, huh?

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2


12 responses to “Snow on Capitol Hill, Seattle

  1. The pictures are truly breathtaking, I’m so jealous! (I must relocate to somewhere with snowy winters)

  2. These photos are so wonderful! They really make me wish that I was back on the west coast when you guys had all that snow! Still hoping we’ll get some here before the winter is through..

  3. Lovely photos, indeed. Sweet one of the dog. For a second one might think that it has snow on its nose! :)

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