Meet at Hachiko

On my first day back in Tokyo I went to Shibuya to meet Satoko and Kazue, a couple of good friends from school. We planned to meet at Hachiko, as everyone does. It’s a famous statue outside the station named for a dog so loyal that after his owner died in 1925, Hachiko continued going to their meeting place every day for the next nine years, until his death. The devoted pup attracted love and attention from commuters back then and he still does today.

Hachiko is an excellent spot to people watch, and as I waited for Satoko I saw dozens of black suits running to work, towering Americans dressed like anime characters gaping at the famously busy crosswalk, Japanese people staring furtively at the strange foreigners, and TV crews walking around picking people to interview for morning talk show segments. I studied in Japan for an entire year in college and saw countless encounters like these between TV crews and people standing around Shibuya station, and despite my rather obvious foreignness, had never once been called upon to entertain the masses with my poor language capabilities. Until this day.

Sure enough, hours into my visit a TV crew came and tapped on my shoulder. Sumimasen, Nihongo wo wakarimasuka? [Excuse me, do you understand Japanese?] Ahhh…sukoshi wakarimasu ke do…[Ummm…I understand a little, but…]. And from there we conducted a pitiful interview about the types of apps I use on my phone (I talked about instagram) and what I think of Japan (I love it, of course).

I didn’t manage to make it to a TV the next Saturday morning to see if it aired. I’m a little curious, but at least my pride is still intact ;)

Has anything like this happened to you while traveling?



*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2 & instagram on iphone


7 responses to “Meet at Hachiko

  1. Great site! Stumbled across it whilst looking at photos of Japan…. Keep up the rather splendid work.
    Oh, I’m sure you made it onto T.V!!

      • You’re very welcome! Your site and work has inspired me to start a blog of my own…. maybe have a look when I get it up and running!!

    • I believe so! I’m afraid to watch it though because a) it’s probably super cheesy, and b) I have no doubt it will make me cry :P

  2. How can they not interview you when you look so cheery and pretty!
    Am I a bit naive to say that Tokyo looks perfectly fine now? Looks like everything’s back to normal.

  3. You will definitely cry if you watch the movie, I cried many times throughout the show -yikes!-

    It’s so cool that you got interviewed and Instagram FTW!

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