Mannō, Kagawa

Mannō is a tiny rural town in Japan’s tiniest prefecture, Kagawa. It also happens to be where my friend Ryo is working as a JET for the next year or two. I was only able to visit for a couple days, but I’m sure glad I got to go. Beautiful place, isn’t it?

*click images for full view//kodak 200//canon eos rebel k2


8 responses to “Mannō, Kagawa

  1. Whoa… this place is so scenic. Also I have considered applying for JET in the past, & will think about it again when I get my degree. But I’m slightly scared with the whole language aspect.

    • I heard that you get really good at Japanese really quickly though, if you do it! Are you studying it at all in school right now?

  2. Hey Allison! I just stumbled across your site from another food blog, and found your entry on Ryo in Manno. I was thinking, “Hey I have a friend named Ryo working as a Jet in Manno, what a coincidence!” But then again, how many Ryos working as Jets in Manno right? Hope you are doing well. I live in Japan now. Hope to see you around Seattle with Carmel!

    • Hi Vi! What a small world! Where in Japan are you living? I miss it! Carmel needs to get out there and visit you…and I might have to come with her…haha. If only :) Thanks for saying hello!

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