My friend Avalonne has a film coming out soon! It’s called Shyness, and I just had to share it.

You may remember Avalonne from her fashion blogging days in San Francisco (she is part of what inspired me to move to the Bay Area!), but she’s now living out her dreams in New York City. We met up a couple times in SF before I moved there, and she told me of her love of Woody Allen and determination to pursue a career in film. It’s pretty cool to see that she’s really making it happen now.


Shyness is a story of two people with very different backgrounds, who meet by chance at a coffee shop in Brooklyn. It explores how an ordinary event can lead to various possibilities of adventure and self discovery, and looks at why it is that we all even want to connect with others. Intriguing, right?

It’s still in post-processing, but you can follow along with the film’s progress at and see more stills from behind the scenes.

I’ll keep you posted about when it comes out too. : )

One response to “Shyness

  1. I am always thrilled and pumped when people get to make their dreams happen! It’s like a real time boost for your own dreams: If they can, why not YOU?
    Also, I love Woody Allen and his movies and her upcoming movie really seems like something i’d enjoy (from the synopsis). I’ll make sure to watch for its release date :)

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